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for Dr. Steve J. Costales, D.C., M.S., A.T.C.

Active Release complements physical therapy

Dear Dr. Costales,

You saved my life. Your Active Release treatment gave me a chance at a better quality of life than I ever expected after a physical therapist wrote me off as hopeless. I’m forever grateful. Thank you.

- Donna B.

ART and chiropractic treatment fixes debilitating pain

Dear Dr. Costales,

When I first came into your office last November, I could not stand up straight. I was bent over, I could not drive my car and was in extreme pain. I could not sleep in a bed and lived on pain pills.

First, your clinical analysis was right on and your ART treatment and adjustments did the trick. I improved with each treatment. I was able to stand up and drive again within several weeks. In January I was back to 95% of my normal functions. Today I’m 100% again.

I can’t thank you enough for your treatment, advice and ongoing exercise. I have recommended you to my family and friends.

- Earl D.

Adjustments make pain pills unnecessary

I have been receiving regular adjustments from Dr. Costales for a little over a year. When I first came to see him I was experiencing some back and hip soreness especially after working in the garden. Sometimes I would experience what I called "creakiness" when I woke up in the morning.

Regular treatments really helped to relieve these symptoms. Before coming to see Dr. Costales I would take an Aleve and forget about it. Since getting regular adjustments, no more Aleve!!

Recently I have been experiencing soreness in my elbow, shoulder and the back of my neck. When I explained this to Dr. Costales he did a few tests to see if I was experiencing pain, which I was not, just soreness. He took the time to explain to me how the nervous system worked in the arm and shoulder, and how a minor adjustment could put my neck, shoulder and elbow back into adjustment and could possibly relieve the soreness.

The adjustments I had yesterday almost instantly relieved the soreness in my elbow, shoulder and neck.

Dr. Costales is the best. I would recommend him without hesitation.

- Betty J.

Persistent headaches gone after a few visits

I have had problems with headaches for 10+ years. I saw medical professionals many times with no relief. After coming to Dr. Costales for two or three visits, my headaches are gone and I feel fine.

- Vickey W.

Chiropractic may lower your golf handicap

If it wasn’t for you I would still have a backache, and believe me I don’t miss it. Because of your strong hands and good work, I recommended you to Dolores, and she is doing good also, so thank you. Now if you can lower my handicap I will also recommend you to all of my golfing buddies who all have sore backs. So thanks, Dr. Steve and keep on crunching.

- J. R.

Back problems from soccer, fixed

I love coming here! I am sixteen and have back problems due to 9 years of soccer. I always enjoy an appointment!

- Natalie H.

Piriformis syndrome cured

I am very happy to share that Dr. Costales cured me of my piriformis syndrome as a result of extensive cycling. My initial visit was because of the extreme pain I was experiencing when sitting or walking and my whole right leg was numb. The pain went from my glute to my shin to my toes (which I could not even move) on my right foot. He recommended ART treatment to cure me of this pain. I have heard of ART, but, have not experienced it or had any friends experienced it. I went with his recommendation of 3 times a week and continue until my pain and discomfort level went from a 10 down to a 1. After 3 weeks and 12 sessions, I was as good as new and back on the bike!

- Tim Z.

Older athlete continues active lifestyle

As an older athlete, I tend to incur injuries from time to time. Dr. Steve Costales always knows what I need. Without his experienced Chiropractic Care, I fear I would not be able to continue my active lifestyle. Thank You for all your help.

- Vicki R.

Lower back and neck pain alleviated

Dr. Costales has been a tremendous help to me. When I first came to see him, I was having lower back and neck pain. In addition, I had pain when I exercised. He not only helped to alleviate my pain, but he showed me specific stretches and self-treatments to do. He is very caring and personable. He cares deeply for his patients and their overall health and wellness. He is also an excellent teacher. He explains things in ways that anyone can understand. I highly recommend Dr. Costales to anyone who is seeking a quality Chiropractor with the utmost integrity.

- Michelle O.

Total pain treatment

I have never been treated by a Chiropractor before October, 2008. When I had my first visit here, I was in total pain. Dr. Costales explained to me all about the treatment. I was seeing him three times a week, and each time I felt better. The electrical muscle stimulation treatments and the ice therapy was great. He (Dr. Costales) introduced me to the exercise ball, which helps me strengthen the back, while keeping my balance in control. I feel that I keep getting stronger. I now come in one time a week. Dr. Costales has given me exercises to do, mainly stretching, which really helps. He (Dr. Costales) has suggested water therapy now. I am trying this, which is great and I am now walking in the pool for 45 minutes, 3x a week. I will always come to Chiropractic Sports Medicine, and everyone is genuinely interested in promoting good health at the office.

- Elizabeth W.

Relief from back spasms

My experience here at Chiropractic Sports Medicine has been wonderful. I have tried other Chiropractors, but Dr. Costales has been the most helpful. The atmosphere in the office is always positive, and very relaxing. They definitely know how to cater to the patients, and their needs. When I first started coming to Chiropractic Sports Medicine, my back had spasms all over it, but now, I barely have any pain, and I can move much easier!

- Kayla D.

Spinal stenosis counteracted

I have been seeing Dr. Steve Costales for 3 years and I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, and constantly have pain in my hip and neck. At times, it goes down my leg, making it painful to walk and sleep at night. By coming for regular adjustments, it has aided me greatly. The pain is tolerable and helped me to avoid surgery of any kind. Thanks Dr. Costales.

- Kathleen H.

Preventive Care is Patient Care

Always the best experiences. Very knowledgeable and has the patient’s best interest in mind. The office environment is very family oriented, very welcoming and warm. I have been a patient of Dr. Steve Costales since 2008, and he always offers insight on healthy back and neck practices.

- Janatae S.

Pain in back, shoulder, legs and feet lessened

When I first saw Dr. Steve Costales, my body was in pretty bad shape. I had severe back pain and shoulder pain. I also had severe pain in my legs and feet. After several treatments, I don’t use my walker as much as I did. I still have to use my cane. I will always have pain, but Dr. Steve Costales has helped me a lot.

- Robert T.

Sciatic nerve pain cured

I came to Dr. Costales in August ’09 with a lot of pain in my thigh and buttocks, which effected my sciatic nerve. I had tried to cure myself for one week prior by using a heating pad and ice, but that didn’t work. I kept going 3 times a week to my water aerobics class at the YMCA and came three times a week for treatment with Dr. Costales. I had electric stimulation and massages. Gradually I felt better, and with added exercises I have today for the first time no pain! Today was my 11th visit.

- Eva S.

Relief from bone spur

I came to Dr. Costales for treatment of my neck. I have a bone spur in the neck that causes numbness and tingling in my fingers. In the course of treatment I also mentioned that I had shoulder pain and was scheduled to have surgery to remove another bone spur. Dr. Costales convinced me that my pain might be relieved through treatment/therapy and I decided to postpone my surgery. I have been under his chiropractic care for 2 years and have been relatively pain free. No surgery was done and I am happy about that!

- Karen L.

Encouraging approach towards young and old

In three weeks Dr. Costales helped my back and knee problems. I came in limping with a cane and with treatments and exercise am now able to walk without the cane. I am 85 years old and am pleased with his approach to help young and old with optimism and lots of encouragement.

- Virginia S.

Massive pain into minimal pain after four visits

When I first came in to see Dr. Costales I was in so much pain from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. Dr. Costales has been able to treat me and now I am feeling very well with minimal pain after four visits.

- Patricia M.

Pain treatments result in better mental and physical shape

I am a patient of Dr. Steve Costales. My first visit was December 30, 2009, with extreme lower back pain. With Dr. Costales’ adjustments and exercise, I am in much better condition — now I can move without pills to help the pain and am in better mental and physical shape.

- Violet R.

Better sleep and 95% pain free after 6 visits

When I first came to see Dr. Costales I had severe neck, lower back and leg pain. I could hardly lift my foot to walk and sleep was almost impossible. After just 6 visits with the doctor I am 95% pain free. I’m exercising and walk 3/4 mile two times a day. I’m sleeping better. It is truly amazing what the doctor has done for me. I am truly blessed to have been led to him. He is wonderful.

- Carolyn M.

Better than pain management injections

I would like to thank Dr. Costales for the care he has given me in the recent months. I have had sciatic pain on and off for years. The pain management injections would only help for less than a week. I have had a hip replacement and lower back surgery and asked my doctor’s office for a referral to a chiropractor so that I could try something different for the pain before it got much worse. I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I was skeptical. I am now a believer! After the first week of treatment, I had almost no pain. I now come in once a month and so far have not had any serious episodes of sciatic pain. Thank you, again, Dr. Costales.

- Cathie P.

Forearm and elbow restored with ART treatment

My experience with Dr. C and his use of ART has been great. He has relieved the pain in my forearm and elbow. I have increased mobility and range of motion. He has also given me strength and stretching exercises to prevent future injuries. Thanks Dr. C.

- Jay G.

for Dr. Patricia K. McHone, D.C.

Dr. McHone is awesome

I’m a new patient, recently moved from out of state, looking for a doctor to continue my chiropractic care. When I contacted CSM, the staff was very helpful and kind. All of my insurance needs were taken care of up front so I could walk right in and get the care I needed. Dr. McHone is awesome!! Friendly, energetic and manages my chiropractic care so efficiently I always feel great when I leave. I would definitely recommend CSM for your chiropractic needs.

- Christi D.

Dr. McHone has always been there for me

I have been seeing Dr. McHone since 2002. Over the years, I have unfortunately had multiple back and neck surgeries that have not gone so well. Dr. McHone has helped me so much by helping me alleviate the pain and helped given me the ability to function during the day.... I also have had many other ailments over the years besides my back and Dr. McHone has always been there for me, not only adjusting me and keeping me healthy, but advising on how to get better. Both my wife and I see Dr. McHone, and I cannot even imagine how bad off we would be without Dr. McHone. Thank you, Dr. McHone!!! We would be lost without you.

- Timothy K.

Patient can now exercise again

This is a great place to come to for chiropractic care. They are very kind and helpful to all. Dr. McHone has helped me with my scoliosis. I was in a lot of pain when I first came in and I am much improved. I still need to come in at least twice a month, but I am so much better, I can now walk again for exercise and do yoga.

- Madeline F.

Helps with migraines and neck pain

I have been a patient of Chiropractic Sports Medicine since 2006. Dr. McHone has been my chiropractor since 2005. I wouldn’t think of having anyone else treat me. I have been through so much with migraines and neck pain, and Dr. McHone has been there to get me through. I’m doing so much better now and I continue to come in for "tune-ups" as needed.

- Teri A.

Able to stand up straight again

I couldn’t stand up straight and had a lot of pain. Dr. McHone put electrodes on my lower back, twisted and pushed on my back and within 15 minutes, I could stand up straight again, and most of the pain was gone. Dr. McHone is a genius.

- Susan L.

Various problems diagnosed and solved

I have found that Dr. McHone has exceptional diagnostic abilities, and has solved the various problems that have come up with extreme effectiveness. Also, being a senior citizen, I value her gentleness.

- Claire W.

Relief from car accident and fibromyalgia

I was in a car accident at 19 years of age. I had pelvic and back pain for 6 months, without relief until I started being treated by a Chiropractor. I had off and on pain through the years. I have seen Chiropractors as needed since then. At the age of 34, I was hit again (motor vehicle accident), this time, by a drunk driver. I had unrelieved pain for 2 years, and was ultimately diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am a nurse (R.N.) and have lifted patients throughout my career. Chiropractic care has been a constant maintenance treatment for me since 34 years of age. Without it (Chiropractic care), I would be in unrelenting pain and would be unable to work. I have seen Dr. McHone for 5 years now. She is very professional and has worked with me to keep the pain of fibromyalgia at a minimal. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive alternative to surgery and pain pills that works.

- Elaine S.

Dr. McHone is marvelous

Dr. McHone is marvelous! What I love about her, besides her expert knowledge, is she explains everything. It makes me feel so secure. She has magic hands. She has an innate ability of chiropractic procedure. She is gifted with a lovely personality. I look forward to my visits with her. God bless her.

- Shirley P.
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